Variant Products

  • 149-Zip Bag Large (Messenger Size)
  • 151-Zip Bag Medium (Document Size)
  • 153-Zip Bag Small (Clutch Size)
  • 154-PolyWeave® Zip Tech Bag 4” x 4”
  • 155-Zip Bag with Business Card Holder
  • 156-TSA Quart Bag  Travel Safe Accessory
  • 157-Dual Pocket Zip Bag
  • 163-Document Holder Medium

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PolyWeave® Zipper Binder Pouch.  This may be the only pencil case you need for years to come.  Made of PolyWeave® super strong material that wont even rip if you poke a hole in it.  This measures 6.9" x 9.6" x . 3/ 8" and will hold lots of Pens, Pencils, Erasers, Rulers and more.  This will also hold Cell Phones, Medical Devices, Calculators and much more.  Put your School, Company or Organization logo on it  to show your pride!  Zipper Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green.

  • United States
  • Canada



Product Details

Packing: 12/120
Color: Zipper Colors: Green, Blue, Black, Red
Printing: Silk Screen, Pad Print
Size: 6.9H x 9.6W x .375 D

Shipping Details

Carton Height:: 8
Carton Length:: 12
Carton Weight:: 11
Carton Width:: 12
Units Per Carton:: 120


  • Silk Screen : (Max Size 5" x 7") must fit on item. Larger Size available with Art Approval (may incur Additional Fees)
  • Pad Print : 2-4 spot colors (Max logo size 3.5” Circle) Full Saturation of print area not available
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